About Corinne M. Knight

Corinne was born in the mystical land of Romania, a place where legends come alive and magic runs deep. As a child, she is entranced by the stories of the supernatural creatures that roam the Carpathian Mountains. It is no surprise that Corinne falls in love with writing paranormal romance novels, infusing them with the enchanting magic of her motherland.

While she currently resides in the bustling city of Cardiff with her beloved husband, Corinne's heart yearns for the rugged wilderness of Scotland. It's a place that ignites her imagination and inspires her to create stories that transport readers to far-off lands, where love, passion, and the supernatural intertwine.

As a fervent student of history, Corinne finds inspiration in exploring the secrets of the past. Her dream is to one day live in a grand castle where she can immerse herself in the rich tapestry of historical tales and draw upon them to create new and captivating stories.

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Captivating Stories

Corinne creates captivating paranormal romance and urban fantasy books that transport readers to exciting worlds filled with love, adventure, and supernatural beings.

Inspiration and Empowerment

Her books inspire readers to believe in the extraordinary, embrace their inner strength, and find hope and love in the face of adversity.

Unforgettable Characters

She crafts unforgettable characters who come to life on the pages, capturing readers' hearts and leaving them wanting more of their stories.