Supernatural Paranormal Fantasy

Of Knights and Monsters (Complete series)

The Order of the Dragon casts a dark shadow over Europe, manipulating supernatural beings for their sinister purposes. Within the hallowed halls of Roslyn Academy, a group of brave individuals rises to challenge the oppressive Order.

Vampires, demons and formidable supernaturals come together across six books to challenge the heroes as they battle their way across Europe in their attempts to overthrow the Order's reign of terror.

Betrayal, kidnap, and dangerous alliances threaten not only their quest against evil, but their very lives. Join them in a tale of courage, sacrifice and epic battles as they face the tightening grip of a malevolent enemy in an unyielding fight for freedom against the backdrop of supernatural intrigue and treachery.

Of Knights and Monsters is a Supernatural Paranormal Fantasy series set in Roslyn Academy and various places across Europe, and features secret societies, supernatural creatures, demonic activity and action-packed adventure with a side of perilous journeys, forbidden love and battles between good and evil.