Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

The Dark Heir: A Supernatural Academy Paranormal Romance (Of Knights and Monsters Book 1)

The Order of the Dragon looms ominously over Europe, controlling and manipulating every supernatural creature within its grasp.

When member Lucien de Winter is assigned a case that involves mysterious demonic activity at a privileged academy, he meets Avery, whose electric spirit captivates him.

Avery can’t help but be pulled into the maelstrom of danger and supernatural creatures surrounding Lucien. With no idea of what lies ahead, she knows she must do whatever it takes to help Lucien stay alive.

But when Lucien is forcefully turned into a vampire, the Order ruthlessly dispatches its knights to hunt him down.

Embarking on a perilous journey across Europe, Lucien must find Vlad Dracula—the one person who can save them both and tear apart the Order of the Dragon forever.

The King of the Undead: A Supernatural Academy Paranormal Romance (Of Knights and Monsters Book 2)

Vlad accompanied by siblings Lucien and Alessandra embark on a dangerous journey to the infamous Roslyn Academy, the Order’s crown jewel.

As he ventures further into the unknown, hidden feelings of attraction towards the beautiful Alessandra make Vlad question his sanity and his choices. But there is no time to dwell on these emotions—the Order has launched a large-scale supernatural attack.

Knowing they didn’t stand a chance without assistance, Vlad dives into the depths of the academy’s hidden passages to find a weapon powerful enough to defeat the Order. He stumbles upon a sarcophagus containing a mysterious force; a power so immense that it steals Vlad away to a different world.

The Prince must make haste if he is to find the strength he needs and return in time to win the imminent battle against the Order.

Will Vlad find his salvation in this otherworldly realm, or will it be too late?

The Demon Prince: A Supernatural Academy Paranormal Romance (Of Knights and Monsters Book 3)

At the illustrious Roslyn Academy, the Order of the Dragon meticulously cultivates the supernatural creatures that benefit their agenda.

Jade was abandoned by her mother and has been alone ever since, yet she finds solace in Roslyn being her home. When a sinister power broods over their campus, she courageously undertakes to discover who is behind it - no matter the cost.

Ashley Rex, a new student at RA, is immediately captivated by Jade in more ways than one. But with a devastating secret looming in the background, can she really accept him for who he is? Or will his truth come back to haunt him?

When an inferno engulfs the Old Mill that leaves one of their classmates dead, all attention turns to Ash and his strange behaviour. Knowing he would face an unfair trial, Jade grabs his hand and mysteriously transports them into a barren desert far away from the school. With no visible means of escape and nightfall clawing at their heels, they must find a way out swiftly.

As they trudge through the ruthless sun, Jade eventually succumbs to fatigue and Ash is compelled to carry her into a nearby cave. Upon Jade regaining consciousness, they are presented with an unwelcome reception of armoured soldiers sent by their ominous sovereign to deliver them to the vicious queen.

Will Jade and Ash make it back to the academy? Or will their destiny be sealed in the merciless land of the desert queen?

The Assassin Heiress : A Supernatural Academy Paranormal Romance (Of Knights and Monsters Book 4)

Alessandra de Winter has always known nothing but the life of an academy student and an assassin.

When she gains new supernatural powers, she makes the bold decision to set aside her dark legacy and embark on a quest to find her missing father. Convinced that his extraordinary abilities hold the key to defeating the enigmatic leader of the Order, Alessandra vanishes into the night with her companions, Jade and Ash, leaving behind her lover Vlad Dracula and the familiar halls of the academy she once called home.

But as Alessandra treads on a dangerous path, will her secret alliance with the Prince of Hell and an overpowered witch prove to be the solution to all her gripping challenges? Or will she be ensnared in a web of darkness that leads to her ultimate downfall?

Meanwhile, Vlad learns of the trio’s capture by the Order and takes matters into his own hands, embarking on a heart-pounding journey to the stronghold of the organisation. Will his daring choice be the turning point in the supernatural war, or has he unwittingly delivered the very means the Order needs to annihilate their enemies and claim victory?

The Veiled Huntress: A Supernatural Academy Paranormal Romance (Of Knights and Monsters Book 5)

Outside the hallowed halls of Roslyn Academy, the Order of the Dragon unscrupulously nurtures supernatural entities to further their clandestine designs.

As Jade, Ash, Alessandra, and Vlad return to the academy, their eagerly awaited reunion with Lucien is tinged with a heavy sense of longing. Avery, the woman who holds Lucien's heart captive, remains ensnared within the treacherous clutches of her malevolent father.

With an unwavering determination to bring her back, Lucien seeks the assistance of a formidable witch from beyond the academy's confines—a specialist skilled in the art of finding the lost. Guided by the faint but hopeful breadcrumbs Avery has left behind, they inch ever closer to her concealed location, racing against the relentless passage of time.

A gallant rescue team assembles, ready to face any peril in their relentless quest to liberate Avery from the abyss of darkness. Meanwhile, Avery awakens within the chilling confines of her father's lair, fully aware of the nightmarish experiments that await her. When Lucien's reassuring voice reaches her, promising salvation, it ignites a fragile spark of hope within her.

Yet, as her father's malevolent experiments intensify, Avery's resilience and determination are tested to their limits. Can she endure the ceaseless onslaught long enough for her rescuers to set her free?

The Shadowbound Knight: A Supernatural Academy Paranormal Romance (Of Knights and Monsters Book 6)

Casimir Thorne, marked for death by the Order of the Dragon, emerges from the ashes of his sanctuary, vowing vengeance.

Once an esteemed knight of the Order, Casimir’s fusion with a demonic sword has made him the hunted. His refuge at the Hajun temple, a makeshift family among the serene mountainside, is brutally destroyed, igniting a relentless thirst for retribution. Seeking allies in his war against tyranny, Casimir finds himself at Roslyn Academy, where Vlad Dracula and Lucien de Winter welcome him, recognising the potential of his cursed heritage.

Together, they forge a daring alliance, rallying supernatural entities against the Order’s reign of terror. With Casimir’s demonic sword as their beacon of hope, they strategise to dismantle the Order’s leadership once and for all.

But unity brings vulnerability. Their congregation at the academy might just be the opportunity the Order has been waiting for—a chance to annihilate the resistance in one fell swoop.

The stakes are higher than ever. Will Casimir and his allies herald a new dawn of freedom, or will their assembly mark the end of their fight, crushed by the Order’s definitive strike?